Rooming-in: Where is the Outrage in the UK?

A newborn baby has suffocated to death under his mother, who fell asleep while breastfeeding in a hospital in Rome. The exhausted mother had continually begged for her baby to be taken to the newborn nursery so that she could sleep. The tragic case of baby Carlo has caused an outcry in Italy and has been widely reported in the press there.

The story has also been picked up by some UK newspapers. However, reporting has failed to point out that there are no newborn nurseries at all in the NHS and that similar tragedies have happened in the UK.

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Skin-to-Skin: The Baby isn’t The Only One in Their Birthday Suit!

As parent advocates highlighting the obvious problems, inaccuracies and outright untruths in infant feeding policy, we often feel like the little boy in the crowd pointing out that the emperor has no clothes on. This is never more the case than when confronted with the idea of ‘skin-to-skin’.

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