10 January 2024

Ruth Ann Harpur is quoted in an article in the Guardian, in which journalist Sirin Kale tells her own distressing breastfeeding story.

5 December 2023

IFA’s Ruth Ann Harpur, Sue Haddon and Catherine Roy spoke to Ella Whelan for an Unherd article on the cult of the natural in maternity care.

19 June 2023

Professor Ellie Lee of the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies mentioned Infant Feeding Alliance and the problem of infant hospital readmissions in an article for the Academy of Ideas.

13 June 2023

Our letter about formula being included in a list of ‘ultra-processed foods’ was published in the Guardian.

29 May 2023

IFA members and friends responded to an article in the journal Public Health Nutrition. We commented that anti-industry bias is hurting us more than formula marketing.

27 February 2023

A letter by Giulia Piccolino about the accuracy of breastfeeding statistics was published in the Guardian.

26 January 2023

IFA’s Giulia Piccolino was quoted in the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero discussing the tragic case of a newborn who suffocated in a hospital in Rome when his exhausted mother fell asleep holding him.

10 June 2022

Ruth Ann Harpur spoke to journalist Tom Chivers for an article appraising the evidence for health benefits of breastfeeding.

21 April 2022

Our Sue Haddon is featured in the Daily Mirror, talking about her experience of bad NCT advice, postnatal depression and her baby’s readmission to hospital with excessive weight loss.

11 April 2022

IFA’s Clarabella Gray is quoted in a Daily Mail article about the NCT.

4 October 2021 

IFA is mentioned in a paper reviewing the scientific literature on breastfeeding insufficiencies.

10 July 2021 

IFA’s Ruth Ann Harpur, Sue Haddon and Heather Ryan are quoted in this article on the safety of hospital ‘reluctant feeder’ policies by Eve Simmons for the Mail on Sunday.

9 July 2021 

Our Dr Heather Ryan is interviewed in this episode of the Daily Mail podcast Medical Minefield.

27 May 2021 

We are mentioned in the book Motherhood: A Manifesto by Eliane Glaser.

17 November 2020 

Our letter in response to an article on lab-grown breastmilk was published in the Guardian.